About the Park

Wantage and Grove are home to a number of internationally-renowned businesses, including Williams Grand Prix Engineering, Crown UK Holdings, MacDermid Autotype & John Lewis of Hungerford. There is a growing cluster of science-related businesses in Wantage and Grove, and Grove Business Park is part of Science Vale UK, a global hot spot for enterprise and innovation in science, high technology and the application of knowledge.

Our History

The site has been characterised by its varied historical development, which includes farmland, airfield use and scientific research and development before becoming the Business Park it is today.

The site was originally used for Agricultural uses until the early 1940s when it became part of a World War II airfield used by the RAF and the US Air Force. The site accommodated the Physics Group, Chemistry Group, Gas Holding Plant, Isotope School and Division Library, Canteen, Workshop and Control Tower, and included maintenance units, workshops, a pyrotechnics store, a bulk oil installation and an oil compound.

After the war the site was used by the UK Atomic Energy Authority for research and development, and later by British Non- Ferrous Metals (a private research organisation) until the mid-1990s.