Start-up & Small Business

If you’re in start-up mode, its crucially important to keep costs to a minimum, whilst ensuring that the image that you portray to potential clients is credible and trustworthy. It’s often not a good idea to advertise that you work from home, for a number of reasons.

  • Security – Do you really want anyone to be able to find out where you live?
  • Professionalism – People that work away from home are perceived to be more professional.
  • Pricing – If your clients believe you work in an office, you would therefore have higher overheads and can therefore justify higher prices.
  • Separation – Keeping work and personal mail separate is a good idea.

We have a range of cost effective options that are designed with start-up and small businesses in mind.

Virtual office – Day Office – Meeting Room - Co working – Serviced office

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